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A touch of oak adds elegance to this fruity wine.

$22.95 per Bottle
$275.40 per Case

The vines were 16 years old at the time of this vintage.

$39.95 per Bottle
$479.40 per Case

The same wine as the Estate Cab 2015, but aged 24 months in first-use Tonnellerie Baron barrles to offer fruit complexity.

$48.95 per Bottle
$587.40 per Case
Don't let the name fool you! The Dry Moscato is made from the Moscato Giallo grape. So it is richer and spicier than wine made with its French cousin, Muscat Blanc.
$17.95 per Bottle
$215.40 per Case

It's the first Estate Malbec vintage!

$39.95 per Bottle
$479.40 per Case
A deep, rich purple color foretells of a deep, rich wine. The nose offers cedar and sweet cassis, while the flavors overflow with blueberries, chocolate, and spice.
$34.95 per Bottle
$479.40 per Case

The Estate Vermentino has won numerous gold medals!

$21.95 per Bottle
$263.40 per Case
Fermented in oak barrels, the Estate Viognier opens with aromas of peach and lemon drops that lead to flavors of orange and cotton candy.
$24.95 per Bottle
$299.40 per Case

The Malvasia Bianca is a rich, full-bodied wine that pairs well with food.

$21.95 per Bottle
$299.40 per Case

Merlot is the one Westcave wine aged in an American oak barrel.

$36.95 per Bottle
$443.40 per Case

The Ruby Rosé is a dry, spicy wine perfect for the hot weather of Texas.

$19.95 per Bottle
$311.40 per Case

A youthful and charming red blend—

$28.95 per Bottle
$347.40 per Case


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Round Mountain, TX 78663

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